Wage portage, for whom?

Wondering if wage portage is for you? 

Wage portage suits any professional seeking to benefit from the flexibility of a self-employed person but without the administrative constraints, all the while holding the security of an employee.

You are self-employed? entrepreneur? senior? a recent graduate? an employee? cross-border professional?


Self-employed & Freelancers

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When an self-employed consultant or freelancer is asked what they would like to change about their profession, the answer is always the same: to spend less time dealing with paperwork and bookkeeping. This is one of the advantages of wage portage.

Wage portage companies provide consultants with an employee status. This means that it is up to the portage company to take care of invoicing, accounting and paying the various expenses of their contractor.

The contractor can then concentrate on what really matters: finding customers and providing them quality service.

Wage portage is often seen as a springboard to test out a new business activity, and is seen as an alternative to self-employment.

Starting your own business is a tedious process that involves economic and legal risks.

Security and administrative ease is exactly what wage portage provides new entrepreneurs. New entrepreneurs can concentrate on finding clients and developing their activity, without having to worry about the risks associated with running a business.

By the way… did you know that you can obtain a contract even if you don’t have any clients yet?


New entrepreneurs

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Senior citizens & retirees

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Retirement just around the corner and you’re slowly starting to reduce your workload? Wage portage gives you the opportunity to continue to share your knowledge and expertise while benefiting from greater flexibility in your schedule.

The good news for senior citizens and retirees is that wage portage allows you to combine a supplementary salary with unemployment benefits or your retirement!

It’s not always easy to find a new job that’s interesting. While you’re searching, why don’t you try out wage portage?

Carrying out assignments as a consultant will be a springboard in your career and will multiply your chances of finding a job opportunity with one of your clients.

You will be able to combine your unemployment benefits with income from your projects.

job seeker

Job seekers

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recent graduate

Recent graduates

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The main barrier to hiring recent graduates? Lack of experience.

Wage portage gives young graduates the opportunity to strengthen their CV and gain experience before applying to the company of their dreams.

Carrying out a few short-term assignments for various clients is an excellent way to demonstrate your value and versatility to your future employer.

Are you looking for a new professional challenge?

Wage portage allows you to experience the status of an external consultant with serenity while work on stimulating projects at the same time.

Salary portage is THE solution that will allow you to benefit from the freedom of a self-employed person without having to give up the comfort and security of being an employee.

Choose your clients yourself, negotiate your own rates… and the company that employs you will take care of the rest (contracts, billing, pay, social security contributions, etc.).

tired worker


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crossborder worker

Cross-border professionals

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Living in France and working in Switzerland, for example, is a dream for many cross-border commuters. But since Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, this dream often turns into an administrative and legal nightmare.

MITC has a lot of experience in this field and will be able to support you by proposing adapted solutions which take into account all the legal constraints.