saving money

Cost control

For a short-term assignment, a salaried contrator is usually the most attractive option. Hiring an employee is expensive, and employment agencies and freelancers generally charge higher margins than a wage portage company.

No unpleasant surprises at the time of payment either, as you will have negotiated your consultant’s rate beforehand, before the contract with MITC has been set up.

Administrative ease

By calling on the services of a salaried contractor, you save your HR managers time in terms of the recruitment campaign, payslips to be filled out and social security contributions to be paid.

The wage portage company takes care of setting up the various contracts, invoicing as well as the administrative and fiscal management for the consultants.

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Speed of service

Compared with the hiring process, turning to a salaried contractor is much quicker. The time between the initial contact and the start date of the consultant’s services is very short.

  1. Get in touch with one of our consultants
  2. Negotiate the rates for the project with the consultant
  3. And we’ll take care of the rest!

Economic and legal security

Getting rid of administrative and legal burdens not only saves time for the client company, but also provides additional security!

The wage portage company is responsible for the professional liability of the consultant instead of the client company. Since the consultant is employee of the portage company, there is no risk of being accused of lending illegal labor or haggling.

security wage portage
human resources wage portage

Flexible HR management

A one-off project requires skills you don’t have in-house? Could your company’s current activity benefit from a temporary increase in your workforce?

Calling on consultants will allow your company to quickly adjust its workforce and skills according to the fluctuation of activities.

All this without affecting your payroll, since the consultant works under a service provider contract.

Expertise and external perspective

A consultant is not only an expert in their field, but also a professional outside your company.

Throughout the project, they will provide you with external expertise and experience that will lead to a solution that you may never have considered internally.

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