Wage portage for businesses with MITC

Better management of your external collaborators!

How wage portage works

Wage portage is a tripartite relationship between a client company (you), a consultant and a wage portage company (MITC).

This relationship allows you to use the services of a consultant without having to hire them internally and therefore without having to increase your payroll. The consultant is a MITC employee, where they hold an official employment contract. As a result, you save on the costs and numerous administrative tasks associated with hiring an employee.

The advantages of wage portage

You represent a ?

Wage portage offers many advantages to client companies of all sizes.

Reduced costs

Generate savings without impacting the quality of profiles sourced.

Administrative ease

Outsource tedious tasks and focus on your business

Speed of service

Don’t waste time on tedious administrative procedures

Economic and
legal security

Remove the tax and social obligations associated with taking on consultants

More flexible
HR management

Strengthen your workforce temporarily without impacting your payroll


Benefit from the external point of view from an expert in the field


Transparency, flexibility, experience

MITC's service for businesses:

  • Proven experience with several large multinationals in Switzerland
  • Competitive prices
  • 20 years of experience in HR
  • Strong presence in Geneva and Lausanne
  • Single point of contact
  • Expertise ensuring optimal costs
  • Tripartite relationship (client-MITC-contractor) based on respect

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