Wage portage, what is it?

Wage portage is a fairly recent form of employment. Its particularity is to provide a solution that falls between the status of a self-employed person and employee.

It is a salaried status, while enabling a contractor to manage their own projects and clients in a totally independent way. In other words, the contractor chooses their clients and negotiates their own rates, without the intervention of the portage company.

Wage portage involves a tripartite contractual relationship between the contractor, the wage portage company and the client company.

How wage portage works


This tripartite relationship involves two contracts:

The contractor therefore performs a service on behalf of the client company without being hired. This process involves outsourcing Purchasing rather than HR.

Under this model, the consultant under wage portage has the freedom to choose his clients, define the assignments and negotiate the terms and rates.

What about the salary in wage portage?

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A contractor who opts for wage portage will become an employee of the wage portage company. This means that they will benefit from the same employment contract and the same social deductions as a normal employee.

It is the wage portage company that pays the contrator. In fact, the wage portage company will invoice the client company and then pay the consultant for the task.

The invoice is broken down into gross salary, employer charges and administration costs. This is a fixed monthly rate with no link to remuneration conditions. The salary is paid as soon as the validated timesheet is received and MITC provides the working capital.

The remuneration of the contractor under wage portage is therefore identical to that of a normal employee, with the difference that in a “portage” contract, management costs are added to the usual social charges. Consider these costs as the remuneration of the wage portage company.

To learn more about the costs of wage portage and the calculation of the net salary, go to our wage portage simulation page.

The advantages of wage portage

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There are many reasons why professionals opt for wage portage. As we have just seen, this solution offers professionals the flexibility of a self-employed person and the security of an employee. But this is far from being the only advantage of wage portage.

Unlike self-employed status, being an employee of a “portage” company does not require permission from the AVS. This simplifies all the administrative aspects, which are handled directly by the wage portage company.

Its great flexibility also makes it the ideal model for starting up an independent or freelance business in a wide range of fields, such as IT, finance, business consultancy or design.

Whether you are a cross-border worker, an expatriate, a senior citizen or simply looking to kick start your business without taking too many risks, wage portage is the perfect solution.

Visit our page dedicated to wage portage to find out more

Wage portage, for whom?

Is wage portage for you? See if your profile fits the wage portage solution

For professionals throughout their working lives, wage portage is a timeless solution:

Wage portage is well suited to intellectual services (new technologies, finance, coaching, engineering, etc.).

Is wage portage for you? See if your profile fits the wage portage solution.

The appeal for the mission company

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Many companies have work to do but can’t always translate it into in-house jobs according to their strategy. The work is then carried out by an external consultant or freelancer. They are also looking for a flexible, sustainable solution that will enable them to optimise their business.

By using external contractors under wage portage, the mission company avoids a large number of restrictive and time-consuming administrative procedures and is able to optimise its outsourcing strategy.

All companies are concerned, whatever their size

Do you represent a company and are you interested in wage portage?

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