Wage Portage in Geneva with MITC

The advantages of self-employment, without the disadvantages

MITC, your wage portage company in Geneva

MITC has over 25 years of experience in HR in Geneva and the rest of Switzerland. As a leading wage portage (portage salarial) company in Geneva, we work with hundreds of consultants from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities.

Our mission is to provide our consultants under wage portage with the freedom of a self-employed person and the security of an employee, thanks to a relationship of trust based on transparency, flexibility and proximity.

The advantages of wage portage in Geneva

MITC's wage portage solution gives you the security of an employee.

As a consultant under wage portage, you are employed by MITC in Geneva and are bound by an employment contract under Swiss law (fixed-term or open-ended contract). This means that you receive a monthly payslip and benefit from the same social advantages as any other employee in Geneva.

However, the calculation of your salary in wage portage differs from that of “normal” employees. To get a better idea of your net salary as a consultant under wage portage with MITC, we invite you to fill in our free salary simulation form.

Put your customers first

Spend your time looking after your customers, not dealing with red tape!

As an MITC employee, you save time on a number of fronts, from day one. Unlike self-employed workers, you won’t have to go through the legal and administrative procedures involved in setting up a company in Geneva. What’s more, freelance administration is a tripartite relationship in which a contract for the provision of services is drawn up between our agency in Geneva and your clients. This means that we take care of invoicing your customers, saving you many hours of bookkeeping.

A multi-profile solution

MITC offers you a personalised solution in Geneva, Vernier, Lancy or one of the 10 other towns in the Canton of Geneva.

Would you like to become an independent consultant in Geneva? Wage portage is an ideal option for many people, whatever their profile:


Our expertise at your service

Our expertise spans many years, and trusting MITC for wage portage means:

Geneva in numbers:

  • Headquarters of 754 foreign multinationals
  • Headquarters of 177 Swiss multinationals
  • More than 120 banking institutions
  • More than 250 NGOs are based here
  • More than 600 companies active in R&D

Why become a consultant under wage portage in Geneva

International, sustainable, luxurious. Here are 3 adjectives often used to describe Geneva, Switzerland’s second most populous city. This canton, at the crossroads of Europe, attracts tourists and business people alike, and has certainly earned its reputation as a global economic hub. In fact, more than 900 multinationals, including Rolex, Caterpillar and Hewlett Packard, have set up their headquarters here. Geneva is therefore a globally competitive canton, thanks in particular to the quality of its infrastructure and education. As a result, the canton of Geneva is not only the cradle of Haute Horlogerie, but also a first-class hub in a number of sectors, including finance, retail, ICT and pharmaceuticals. 

It therefore goes without saying that Geneva’s economic situation is conducive to the development of a consultancy business. The prospects are there, and so are the networking events and the community.

Are you considering becoming self-employed in Geneva, to offer your expertise in the form of auditing or training? But are you put off by the red tape and complexity of self-employed status? Wage portage offers a good compromise for becoming a freelance consultant in Geneva, without having to worry about these constraints.


A personalised service, starting today

The MITC Geneva team provides consultants with personal support throughout their relationship. And this one-to-one relationship starts now.

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